Petit Canon French Bulldogs Sydney Australia

Welcome to Petit Canon French Bulldogs.

Our goal is to make a positive contribution to the French Bulldog breed and we will always strive to improve health, temperament and type with each generation. We are a small kennel and our Frenchies are part of our family, living inside with us, following us wherever they can, failing this they will patiently wait immediately outside the door to greet us upon our return. They are a loyal and devoted companion, a breed that will follow you to the end of Earth and we feel truly privileged to have them in our lives.
As health is of upmost importance to us, our stock are health checked, spine and hip X-rayed. We feed an all natural, human grade raw diet commonly referred to as the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet) diet.

We welcome your enquiries regarding our Frenchies and general enquiries about the breed. If we cannot assist you we would be more than happy to point you in the direction of someone who can.